Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How Lithuania counters Russia's secret war

Russia has become an expert in what is called secret war (or 5th generation war) in the recent years. The goal in the secret war is to gain as much control and influence over other countries as possible. Propaganda and economic leverage are among the first steps in a secret war aimed to prevent a country from taking hostile actions against the country that employs secret war.
Russia’s secret war is clearly visible in the Eastern Ukraine where Russia seems to be always one step ahead of the game. Since it are not overt actions that are being employed, Russia will always have a possible deniability. Lithuania however is keen on countering Russia’s tactics to employ secret war in this country and three steps are already taken to pull Lithuania out of the Russian sphere of influence.
Energy independence
On October 27th Lithuania welcomed the arrival of the FRSU Independence at the Baltic Sea port of Klaipeda. The FRSU Independence is a liquefied natural gas terminal that is capable to transport 80% of the consumption of gas in the Baltic States. However deliveries to Latvia and Estonia can only be done once the existing pipelines are upgraded. This expected to be done by the end of 2015.
FRSU Independence
Previous all the Baltic States needed Russian gas to meet their consumption. This gas was provided by the Kremlin backed Gazprom company. This gave Russia huge economic leverage of these three countries as well as the opportunity to charge any gas price it wanted. One ship is thus capable of breaking the Russian influence over the energy security of the Baltic States, reducing the amount of soft power Russia can employ on these countries.

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